30 Day Master your Mind Challenge

Here's what you get with the 30 day Master your Mind Challenge

  • 4 weeks of daily training videos from Jedi                                                                                             $1997 value
  • a signed copy of Alchemy the Masters Path                                                                                         $19.99 value    
  • An Alchemy Journal to record your journey                                                                                          $27 value
  • An Alchemy Workbook to go with the course                                                                                       $97 value
  • One hour deep dive call to accelerate your growth                                                                            $250 value
  • Secret Facebook group of like minded individuals to help you grow                                          $420 value

You get all this with a total value of $2810.99 for only $997

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The challenge starts 9/16/2019 Order now as the number of opening is limited and on a first come first served basis.