Master Key Press Release

The Masterminds behind world harmony becoming a reality - exclusive interview by Brian Rose of London Real

Brian Rose- The Flagship Island sailing somewhere in the tropical zone of the atlantic ocean.| Posted 1/26/2031 11:11 am

Brian says ” Hi I’m the host of London Real With over 1 billion subscribers it’s the world’s largest  talk show that introduces you to the most fascinating people in the world. Today I’m visiting the flagship of the most legendary influential man on the planet! Together with his linguistic goddess Anna, Jedi has manifested world harmony, eradicated poverty, hunger, and created limitless free energy devices that freed the world from the need for fossil fuels. He also cleaned up the environment leading the charge of terraforming the planet back into a lush green paradise that cleaned up the air. Then he transformed the plastic trash in the ocean into these Giant farm ship cities. Jedi uses these cities to recruit the best and brightest talent from around the world giving inventors a paradise that fosters their creative juices.” 

Brian “Jedi thank you for being a guest on the show today!”

Jedi replies ” It’s my pleasure and congrats on recently getting your show to over ! billion subscribers. I remember when we first connected on facebook back in march of 2019 and your show only had around 700K subscribers on youtube then by Halloween you were already over 1.2 million nearly doubling the size of your audience in only 6 months. I knew after watching just a few shows of yours that you would be the best option to help me spread the message of harmony around the world.”

Brian Says “Thank you it’s been a journey of self discovery to get here. Jedi what was it that inspired you to start this journey that has transformed the course of human history?”

“That’s a funny story Brian it goes back to when I was 16 and a native elder had me do a an outrageous ordeal, A traditional native american vision quest. With what I knew at the time I’m surprised that I survived. To prepare for the quest you must first cleanse the body which means fasting on just water for 7 days. Followed by being in a sweat lodge which is kinda like a super hot steam room, Then I walked into the woods with my prayer pipe that I had taken the last year to carve. When I found a spot that felt powerful to me I drew a large circle in the ground stepped inside and prayed for the next 4 days asking creator for a vision.”

Brian says “That sounds like quite an ordeal.”

Jedi responds “It was! Just as I thought that I had taken my last breath,  I was blessed with a vision of a utopian world with advanced technology where everyone works together in harmony.  And I Heard a voice telling me to create it. Of course I initially Was like what? No way can I achieve this. Even Jesus wasn’t able to pull that off. Then I felt that we must do it together.”  


“So that’s what started you on this journey to transform the world. Now I’m really curious how you got from there to here. But before that I know our viewers are anxious to find out is your name really Jedi?” asked Brian

“Yes it is short for Jedidiah and Since Jedi is a name that is no name it works because it represents and ideal. The hope is that this Legacy will last long after the 1000+ years I expect to be here in this vessel.”

“Wait you said 1000 years?”

“Yes, science has advanced to the point here on the island that we can completely regenerate the human body now keeping someone in the 35-40 age range biologically indefinitely.”

“WOW!! That’s Amazing!”

“It Is after the interview I’ll introduce you to some of the scientists so you can experience the rejuvenation effect yourself. It’s one of the reasons I desired for you to do the interview here instead of your studio in london. We’ve been good friends for years now and I felt it was time to help you turn back the clock.”

Stunned Brian responds “Thank you Jedi! I’m honored.” There is a moments pause then brian continues, “How did you achieve this Legacy?” -points around showing off the island.

Jedi takes a deep breath then says “This was a Great adventure after the vision quest I spent many years learning everything I could about every topic under the sun to understand how the whole cosmic jigsaw puzzle works.   It was going smoothly the first few years till I was smashed by a semi Truck that damaged my right shoulder and hip. This sent me on a quest to colorado where I met some amazing people who helped me gain the tools to heal and master my mind.” 

Jedi takes a drink of water and continues, “It took me a year before I could lift a glass of water like this in my hand, but I was determined to regain my former strength and power. I learned everything I could in colorado then moved back to ohio in 2012 to be near family and help my father heal. By the way he’s in better health now then he was back then and he’s about to be 82 now. Anyways once I reached a point of ‘knowing’ how the universe worked I felt a responsibility to share it with others. Now putting myself out there went against my hermit nature but I knew if I am going to  achieve this vision I become the most legendary influential man ever!!  This comulated in my first book Alchemy the Masters’ path released on 4/22/2019 which became an instant amazon bestseller and has now been read by over 8 billion people as of 12/26/2030.”

“Wow I’ve read your book and the way it simplifies how the universe, your mind and emotions work is profound! This all really got going with a book. I remember when we last talked that the book it what started the momentum and even attracted your twin flame Anna to you. Is that correct?

Anna Chimes in  “Yes! We first met at the Holistic Health and Healing expo and when our eyes met there was an instant attraction like we knew each other before, but I wasn’t ready yet. Then he release the rough draft of his book on christmas eve 2018 and I was so enthralled by it that I read almost the entire book that first night. A week later on Jan 2, 2019 we had our first date and have been together ever since.”

Brian “That’s an amazing story and the love between you has stood the test of time. What was the next milestone for the two of you?”

Jedi sits up straight “Well as I mentioned a moment ago I had released my book on earth day 2019 then I went about the task of marketing it. At first it was a hard road as you make almost nothing off the books themselves because amazon keeps most of the money. So I knew that I had to figure out how to sell courses, do professional speaking or some other avenue to make the money. I hit a road block and know I need a mentor or mastermind group but I didn’t have the money to afford anyone who could actually be of any use. Then a synchronistic opportunity came my way and I got to join the Master Key Mastermind Alliance which is a 26 week training course and they were going to teach you how to build a list. I’m like Amen my prayers have been answered. during the course we do various things to program the mind most of which I already had included in my book. The real value in the course came from the guides help to bring clarity to my DMP and mastermind with other like minded individuals.”

Brian- “Whats a DMP and how did it help you?”

Jedi “A DMP is a definite major purpose for your life and it helped give me clarity to my goals. As I went through the course I started gaining opportunities to speak and teach around the country the around the world teaching the tools needed to control the mind via online classes and professional speaking at conferences around the world earning $1.5 Million in profit before May 15th 2020. From this point forward me and My Love Anna enjoyed a one week vacation every month visiting holy sites around the globe.”

Brian – That sounds amazing. Other than taking a vacation what did you do with the money you earned to get to where you are now?

“I’m glad you asked Brian At the same time I was part of the master key alliance I was also running for president of the united states seeking the libertarian nomination. The Money I earned enable me to secure the nomination and then hire the best marketers in the world which elated me to the point where I won the election and was sworn in as president 1/20/2021.”

Brian- “Yes I remember our interview shortly after that you were the first 3rd party candidate to win the presidency in america. An amazing feat. Why did you desire the presidency?”

Jedi takes a drink of water, looks Brian square in the eye and says, “It was just a stepping stone to achieve my real goal of manifesting world harmony and preserving the planet. Being the president gave me access to most of the world leaders both in government and the spiritual circles which enabled me to accelerate my plans to have every country sign the world harmony treaty I wrote before 11/11/2030. I only did one term as president because after I had access to what’s really going on in the world as well as the world leaders I saw that going for a 2nd term would only slow down my goals. Right before I became president I had created the World Harmony Treaty which I had Anna run while I was president. As soon as my time as president was up I went back to the private sector I called council of the worlds spiritual and business leaders where I created a guild where we worked together to create all this. Working with this guild of adepts enabled me to earn enough that I was able to give $10 Billion I earned to the World Harmony Foundation and grow to being a trust surpassing 1 Trillion Dollars before 11/11/2030 by linking it and the majority of the planet together economically through a digital affiliate tracking system which will fund it in perpetuity. What a relief to know that future generations are provided for.”

Brian – ” Wait, let me make sure i heard you correctly you said the trust surpassed 1 Trillion dollars?”


“That’s mind blowing. What are you doing with all that money? That’s more than many countries GDP..”

“Well I used some to  transform the ocean plastic, recycling it into giant ‘Lego’ like blocks to create giant farm-ships that feed the world. The Flagship you are on was completed before 1/1/2030 with support from an elite guild of adepts. We recreated the Giza Necropolis and develop wonders of advanced technology such as limitless clean-energy generators. Created by scientists from around the world who come to the islands in order to invent freely. I feel overjoyed demonstrating to the world what humans are truly capable of creating inspiring humanity with what’s possible.”

Brian “Just Wow, Wow with all the amazing things you have done thus far where can you possibly go from here?”

Jedi looking up and pointing, “to the stars!  Currently I’m working with people like Elon Musk to develop the technology send off our first star-ship to the Orion system before 2150 to seek out new life and civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before. This exhilarates me because we will gain vast knowledge from other species.”

Brian also looks up at the stars and says. “Jedi this has been an amazing interview thank you so much for inviting me to your island.”

Jedi – “You’re welcome. Shall we go and turn back the clock for you so that you can keep serving the world for many years to come Brian?”

“Absolutely let’s go.”