Alchemy Chapter 1

Alchemy the Master's Path

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About the Author

Jedi Hill (Alchemist Jedi) is an Amazon best-selling author, Visionary, Reverend, Intuitive coach/guide, and a Healer. Jedi was raised in the country on top of a hill overlooking a lake. This helped him develop a deep connection with nature. His father shared his knowledge of how the universe works including how to meditate when he was only 5 years old.
Growing up he was raised with Both Christian and Native American teaching including sacred ceremonies such as the prayer(peace) pipe and participated in many various ceremonies from the sweat lodge to going on a traditional vision quest at 16.
Jedi also has an extreme interest in learning more about how the universe and we work. To this day he is an avid reader studying everything he can get his hands on in the fields of medicine, physics, religion, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience and more.
After graduating high school he went to South Dakota where he taught wilderness survival and Native American lore/ skills, then he came back to Ohio to attend massage school where he started his healing career. A few months before graduating massage school he was in a horrific accident with a semi truck, which smashed his car, dislocated his right shoulder down to the nipple level rupturing his rotator cuff and severely damaging the nerves in his right arm to the point he lost all feeling in that arm.
This caused him significant pain and mental anguish he went on a quest to figure out how to heal himself as he did not want to have a surgery every few years and be crippled at only 21. His quest led him to Colorado where she met a fascinating osteopath that he learned from as well as many other healers who helped him gain the tools to heal himself naturally as well as the skills required to regain control of the mind and emotions. As he desired to understand how the universe itself works he continued to learn as much as he could while doing giving work to help people like you overcome both physical as well as mental and emotional this he’s utilizing a variety of techniques ring around the country as well as those studied form ancient cultures. 
Eventually this led to him writing the book Alchemy the Masters path create your calm and peace where he share everything you need to know to progress along the path of self-mastery.