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I was glad to see something new in the Master Key Mastermind alliance this week as it was starting to get boring and repetitive. 

This week they used a something from Ben Franklin’s Diary with a twist.

The concept is to work on increasing your virtues by recognizing them in yourself and around you. They wanted us to order the list and then fill them into the chart below. 

Then to fill up the rest of this chart you were supposed to use these virtues cooperation, Discipline/self-control, Enthusiasm, Courage, Persistence, Specialized Knowledge, Imagination, Decisiveness, Well-Organized, Taking Initiative,  Pleasing Personality; and arrange them from your weakest to your strongest. 

My order had Well-Organized as weakest and Imagination as strongest. I then put them on the chart and make dots for each time I recognize these things throughout the day. This is to help bring awareness to where I am organized and through the law of growth bring more of it into my life. We are going to be doing each trait for a week. I’m curious if this will help my organization skills any 😉

Have a good week,


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