Weeks 13-14 – The Holiday Reset.

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New Year, New You, New Decade!

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy Ideal!” Earl Nightingale from the strangest secret.

I Got busy for the Christmas holiday the first one ever with a significant others so I decided to tune the world out for a few days to spend time with her while still working on things for the mission. Of course I still keep up with the daily reading of my goals, definite major purpose(DMP) and keep moving towards them everyday.  The home work from the Master Key Alliance for this holiday was quite fun. We were to watch a few different videos and movies. 

The first I’ve posted below is the strangest secret by Earl Nightingale. This clip shows why only 5 out of a hundred people are successful and why you must gain control of your mind (which I teach you how to do in my book Alchemy the Masters’ Path) if you are going to be successful in your life. Earl defines success as the progressive realization of a worthy Ideal! In other words you must have a grand vision of what you can do or create that guides you forwards and uplifts you when times get hard. I highly recommend you watch it yourself and re-watch it if you’ve seen it before to reignite your burning desire.


The other movie I watched was Door-to-Door. You can see a clip of it below.  While this movie Is about a salesman what you learn about patience and persistence will give you what you need to make 2020 your best year ever!!

2020 is the year we all are given 20/20 vision so you best focus and move straight towards your goal.


May the force be with you always,


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  1. Loved Door to Door and the Earl Nightingale video. Such amazing principles to incorporate into daily life. Thank you for sharing! Love the format of your blog!

    1. That is the path of self mastery eternal growth. Thank you for the complement on the blog I’m using the Elementor plug in with a few add-ons to be able to build it this way. What is your blog?

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