Week 7- The 7-Day Mental Diet.

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The work required to regain control of your mind.

This week has been fun I participated in the libertarian the presidential debate on Olean, NY on saturday which was a great learning experience. I invite you to check out the replay by watching the video below.

After all the excitement from the weekend’s activities I feel a little behind with the masterkey alliance video because we were driving home on sunday when it was on and didn’t watch until monday. My energy was exhausted from peopling so much over the weekend. 

Though once I watched the video they had a wonderful mental exercise called the 7 day mental  diet. It’s simple and straight forward to help you gain control of how you think. For 7 consecutive days you must think only positive thoughts and if you do have a negative thought you must flip the energy within 7 seconds or start the week over. Of course this is easier said that done as many times you’ll be hearing the negative thoughts from other people and if you are really sensitive you can feel what’s going on around the world.

For me I decided to start the mental diet right away as had already had a good day monday resting and recuperating. tuesday and wednesday went smoothly as well because I’m used to exercises like this and do my best to be aware of every thought in my head at every moment. Now today thursday 11/14 I feel off the wagon slightly.  We had breakfast  late and this time instead of me cooking my honey made oatmeal (ick) I tried to eat the tiny bowl but wasn’t able to keep it down with a straight face. First thing that threw me off today. 

Then shortly afterwards I get a notification from a friend about another school shooting in Cali. I thought maybe this is what I was feeling earlier in the thought stream that threw me of. I quickly changed my thinking around and decided to make a post about the root mental causes of this issue for my presidential page. I felt good outlining what we can do to prevent things like this from happening again. Then I let myself slide into the comments of people foolishly advocating for gun control which will erode freedoms in this country even faster. I tried to show them that the bigger issue is the lack of mental discipline and psychotropic drugs like zoloft and prozac from the doctors that are more to blame than the guns. However I felt myself get frustrated by those who don’t see and just blindly regurgitate what they’ve been brainwashed to think. It took me between 30 sec -1 minute to let this go and reset myself back to neutral. 

Now I’m going to start back over on day one of the 7 day mental diet and be even more aware of my emotional state to not let external things move me at all.

All this being said if you decide to do this yourself be kind and patient with yourself for as you can see even someone like me who has disciplined their mind for years can slip up. If you are able to truly do the 7 day mental diet straight while being honest to yourself in under a month you are doing fantastic. It will change the way you look at everything from that point forward. You will realize the power you have over your thoughts and focus. I wish you many blessings on your journey if you are brave enough to attempt this. 

May the force be with you. Jedi


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