week 6- Preparing for my first Presidential debate.

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Bringing my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) to life!

This week has been a blast. This weeks master key webinar was all About embodying your vision as much as possible through shapes on the walls, vision boards, props etc.  It took me several hours to find some good pictures for my board. In the red circle and Green triangle I will be writing a couple goals to help me build liberty and legacy perspectively. You can look at the picture below to see what I’ve done thus far.

The dream board still needs some finishing touches though I’m excited for this to help me keep reprogramming my subconscious mind with what I desire. As you can see I’m working on my second book that I intend to release before the #libertarian national convention in May 2020.

The most brilliant Idea I’ve gotten from this Master Key Mastermind Alliance thus far is linking the shapes to your goals and personal pivotal needs which for me are liberty (red circle) and Legacy (green Triangle).  What makes this brilliant is the subconscious mind doesn’t think in words it thinks in pictures, symbols, etc linking emotions to different events in our lives.  

As I teach about in my book Alchemy the Masters’ Path the subconscious mind is unable to tell the difference between reality and what you imagine in your minds eye. One of the coolest things for me is that you can change the emotional association to any event that happened in your life and even rewrite the memories if you choose. 


Now while all of this has been fun to do I’ve also been working on making this come to life by preparing for the first Libertarian presidential debate that I will be participating in this coming saturday 11/9/2019 in Olean, NY. I’m so excited for this event because it’s an opportunity to really get my campaign off the ground and spread some knowledge. Which reminds me of a line I heard from David Icke “One man cannot change the world, but one man can communicate the information that changes the world.” This is what it’s really all about spreading communication on how people can free their minds to become self directed thinkers and creating a world where ‘We All Win!’

Wish me luck I look forward to hearing what you think about the debate. You can view the livestream on saturday 11/9 at 7pm est by going to https://ayr.show/ny-libertarian-presidential-debate

May the force be with you,


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