Week 4 – Heaven and Hell

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A week on an emotional rollercoaster!

This past week has been a rollercoaster of emotions, I thank creator for the knowledge of how to process them quickly or I would have had a mental breakdown myself this week.  

This past weekend was extremely busy we moved into our new home Which my love Anna bought which is absolutely wonderful! You can see for yourself by checking out the picture with her standing in front of it below.

While It is great to have a new home the downside is moving all the furniture. Luckily I’m a strong guy able to lift way more than a typical guy. Though unloading 2 loads of a 15′ U-haul myself was still significant work. One sofa bed in particular was extremely heavy on the 2nd load and it irritated my back.  Due to this I experienced some irritability for a little bit until I was able to properly communicate to my honey that my back was hurting and we must stop for the night.

Just because you know how to process emotions quickly doesn’t mean you don’t experience them. The advantage of working on self-mastery is that you are able to quickly return to your calm still center when things knock you off. I’m grateful to have decades of training in just that. 

After getting moved in thursday afternoon and friday morning we spend the weekend at the HHH Expo which was a blast.  Monday morning I go to get on my computer to listen to some music since we don’t have internet yet and to my dismay the computer crashes.  ERROR warning and it won’t boot. Thank God I’m good with tech and take a couple hours to get it booted and start running some hard drive diagnostic repairs. The hard drive has had a glitch in it for several months but now it’s getting worse. It takes till wed morning that’s two days to start semi working. 

Then on Wed we have the internet installed which took around 5 hours but was finally on around 2pm in the afternoon. Now I can download some repair software to see if I can get computer running better and watch the replay of week 4 of the Master Key Mastermind’s sunday live video.

After playing with the computer a while it gets to the point it’s semi working I can surf the web and do basic functions it just freezes every couple of minutes and I have to walk away and wait for it to start working again. I let it run some additional repairs overnight.

Thursday morning I decide to back up my hard drive and then create a bootable edition of windows on my external hard drive so I can Use it in place of my current hard drive which is about to crash and burn for good. 

To make the drive bootable I create a partition which divides the drive so one part is for storage and another part is for the operating system. This all starts smoothly then I click the wrong button and it unformats the whole hard drive. At this point I’m nearly in tears as all my data vanished in a flash kinda like your house burning down and you losing all your photos, personal documents and more. Except to me this was wastly worse because it was more the equivalent of the library of alexandria burning to the ground and the starting the dark ages.

That hard drive had enough knowledge to completely rebuild society from the ground up in all areas. The raw emotion of pain and loss at that moment was indescribable. I utilized the tools I teach took a breath and returned to my calm center. Then I remembered that luckily my occult library one of the largest in the world with over 10,000 books and audio lectures was backed up on an additional flash drive so it wasn’t a total loss but still painful. 

I walk outside go ground out to discharge any leftover residual energy. 

Thank god with electronic you can sometimes save the data so now I’m running software in the background of computer to attempt file recovery of the external hard drive praying the computer keeps running till it’s done. Only time will tell. 

Now to work on catching up on everything I got behind on while the computer was fully crashed. Fingers crossed I can finish the repairs otherwise will have to get a new laptop soon.

At least i got my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) updated as well as the blog done for the week. Now to play catch up…lol

May the Force be with you,




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  1. wow that is a beautiful home congrads!!! Great read too.

    1. Thank you. We are enjoying ourselves. Getting ready for housewarming holistic potluck this weekend.

  2. What a week! I’m happy that you were able to retrieve some of your data and were able to return to your calm centre throughout the ordeal. Enjoy your new home, it looks amazing!

  3. Alexandria was founded in Egypt by Alexander the Great. His successor as Pharaoh, Ptolemy I Soter, founded the Museum (also called Museum of Alexandria, Greek Mouseion, “Seat of the Muses”) or Royal Library of Alexandria in 283 BC. The Museum was a shrine of the Muses modeled after the Lyceum of Aristotle in Athens.

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