Week 3- Obstacles Along the Path!!

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Sometimes Life Throws a few Twists and Turns to See If You Really Want It!!

This has been an unbelievably intense weeks!! Me and my love have been going through some major life transitions that I will be sharing in a few weeks though for now I’ll just say that the stress levels this week have been through the roof. We both have experienced more stress and irritation then the whole time we have been together combined.

This coming weekend is the 2019 Holistic  Health and Healing expo which is one of the 2 biggest spiritual events in northeast ohio, where I will be a vendor and give a speech on ‘Being Spiritual in a Materialistic World!’ You can find out more about the event by clicking https://www.facebook.com/events/189730965278826/ 

As you may have guessed I’ve been spending a significant amount of time preparing for the event. This has its own level of stress to push me forward in growth then, add in the life transitions and things are pretty intense and that isn’t even counting everything going on with the Master Key Mastermind Alliance #mkmma.

You may remember last week in my blog I talked about refining my DMP (Definite Major Purpose). If you haven’t read last weeks blog you can check it out here https://alchemythemasterspath.com/2019/10/10/week-2-refining-my-dmpdefinite-major-purpose/

Refining it didn’t goes as planned, due to a glitch in cyberspace I didn’t get comments on my revision from my guide for the DMP. Then sunday rolled around and  I asked during the training about the status of my DMP and I was told to talk with my guide so I sent her a message and she said she would look into it. 

Then during the seminar they talked about additional requirements for the DMP such as your Dharma must be linked to serving others. That one was easy because my who life is devoted to the service of the ALL. It must all be in positive present tense since for your subconscious mind all time is now and it is unable to process a negative. For instant instead of saying I’m not fat, say I’m healthy because the former way the subconscious just hears I’m fat.

The other major thing that was added is S.M.A.R.T. goals which means:






Now for me being specific and putting exact dates and times was the simple part.  Making the goals measurable is simple as well. What got to me is the Realistic and Achievable because these are both very subjective things. Take for example the line from my DMP on space travel

“I enthusiastically send off our first star-ship to the Orion system before 2150 to seek out new life and civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before. This  exhilarates me because we gain knowledge to prolong human life from more advanced species.”

For the average person this would seem impossible yet for people to someone like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos this is a more achievable goal as they know the math shows it can be created and to survive as a species we must go to the stars. Musk is already working on sending humans to Mars.

Anywho since I hadn’t gotten my revised DMP back by the time the class was over on sunday and we had new things to work on I decided to revise my DMP and get it turned in on monday morning. Finally tuesday afternoon I get the DMP from the week prior back and see oops I missed a few things such as this line from my guide ” ~ What is the subject matter of these books?  Why are they amazing? ~”

Some of those comments had me going back to the drawing boards for a radical revision wed morning because I knew I wouldn’t have time later in the week because of all the other things that require my time such as this blog. 


Now thankfully everything is done and on to the next step in the journey. Thus far I’m loving the Master Key Mastermind and I look forward to this coming sunday where they will talk more about the science of reprogramming the brain and I’m excited to see if they have any research studies I missed reading over the last 20 years as neuroscience is one of my favorite fields of research.


Blessings may you have a great week and remember no matter what obstacles you run into along your path there is always a solution to your puzzle.


May the force be with you,




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