Week 2- Refining My DMP(Definite Major Purpose)

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Last week in the Master key mastermind alliance we started with DMP’s (Definite Major Purpose) and this week We went a little deeper on them and are working on revising them. Some of the major characteristics of a DMP are it must be positive, present tense and be powered by emotion. 

My the first time I did my DMP it was mainly based on the thinking mind and this week I had to rewrite it an add in how I felt to have achieved my life’s purpose my Dharma. Just adding emotion isn’t enough the DMP Also requires PPN (Personal Pivotal Needs) and a sacrifice.

For the Sacrifice my guide for the Master key gave me these two questions. What are you giving up or overcoming in exchange for your ideal life? What are you allowing to stop you from achieving this purpose?

For me figuring out the sacrifice was a struggle as I’ve already worked so hard on so many aspects of my personality, constantly learning new skills and have given up so much for building my dream.  I finally settled on sacrificing my introverted nature to be as outgoing as needed in order to network and work on sexual transmutation to reduce release to one day a month.

This will make the DMP an even more spectacular adventure for me to achieve along the hero’s journey.

Now the PPN’s I found fascinating there are 7 of these personal pivotal needs that help build a burning desire to achieve your Dharma.  The 7 are legacy, spiritual growth, autonomy, liberty, helping others, true health, recognition for creative expression.  One thing I found interesting is the difference between liberty and autonomy. Liberty is having the means (money & time) to do what you want, when you want.
Autonomy is being 100% self governed; not answering to anyone or anything.

We were told to pick two and they will help you get the other 5. As many of you may know being an alchemist I desire to prolong life in this vessel for 1,000+ years so true health is one that really resonated with me. I already have autonomy because of learning how to control my thoughts and not being concerned with what other people think. I’m constantly helping others and spiritual growth has been a focus since I was a child learning how to meditate at 5 years old. Thus I settled on the legacy because my mission is to establish world harmony and preserve the planet. 

One of the major projects for this being to transform the plastic in the ocean into majestic farm-ships with cities on them that will have the most advanced technology in the world. Thus I’m excited to create a legacy of a world where #WeAllWin and everyone knows the ‘We Are One!’



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  1. Great blog post- I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the PPNs, and this has me thinking about my own sacrifices. Thank you!

    1. Glad they were of help to you Laura. I may share my DMP once it’s gone through a couple more edits. 🙂

  2. Very interesting blog. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you Deb. I look forward to sharing more and hope it will help many people.

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