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Creating a Country where 'We All Win'

Jedi Hill is a Bestselling Author, Professional Speaker, Free Mind Consultant, Spiritual Leader, and Founder of the World Harmony Foundation. Creating a world where We All Win!

Yes My name is really Jedi it is short for Jedidiah

Jedi's Platform so "We All Win!"

My overall platform is based on self-reliance and self-mastery. There are many ways we can make things better for everyone in this country so ‘We All Win”. And in most cases we are best served by the private sector and conscious capitalism.

For a libertarian candidate to win is a ‘Hail Mary’ pass to the end zone. However, because this country needs a leader with vision and integrity, who maintains his purity, to make the presidency something Americans can be proud of.

I believe using a grassroots approach and spreading conscious capitalism we can create a country where “We All Win”. Imagine a country where everyone gets to experience freedom and prosperity; where we all can thrive instead of fighting to survive. We will fix the major issues in this country via the private sector, getting government out of your bedroom, your life and your business as much as is possible.

World Harmony Treaty

One of the primary goals for my presidency is to manifest peace and harmony around the world so that we may literally create heaven (paradise) on earth.  To that end I will work on creating a world harmony treaty that includes a universal bill of rights to be signed by all countries. 

As the president I will bring our troops home and take care of our people first so that we may then help the entire world to prosper with the surplus.

One of the primary things we need to do in order to bring about harmony around the world is by ending the war between the haves and the have nots. We do this by creating an environment, where everyone has everything they need to survive enabling them to focus on thriving.



The solution to pollution is dilution. We must do a few major things to save the environment and most of it we can do from a private level.

1. We must work to stop the major polluters on the corporate level by stopping things such as the keystone pipe line that will eventually poison the entire Mississippi river (the water supply of 100 million people).  

2. For plastics in the ocean I intend to pull it up onto giant shipping container barges with factories on top to recycle the plastic into giant “Lego-like” blocks. We can link them together to create giant ‘Farm Ships’ in the size of NYC to clean-up the ocean and at the same time take a bite out of hunger. For new plastic production, we will switch it industry-wide to biodegradable options such as hemp plastic. This prevents new plastic from being an issue in the future.

3. For air pollution, the solution is simple. We must increase the amount of plant life growing to absorb the pollution from the air and increase the oxygen levels. If every person in the country were to plant a tree every year — especially fruit trees on Earth day in April — by the end of my fourth year in office, the air will be cleaner across the country. And there will be less people hungry.


Social Security

My plan is to end social security by phasing it out. It will improve the lives of millions of senior citizens across the country and secure a better retirement for future generations. First I plan to increase the minimum monthly payment for households on social security to $2,000 a month because millions of seniors are barely surviving on $900-1,200 a month. Second, for those of you under the age of 60, you will be given an opportunity to opt out of social security and given a private investment account that you control.

Social security reform is something that is paramount in the coming years. If government had invested the money properly, instead of robbing from the fund every year, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. As things are now, it’s estimated that reserves will be depleted by 2035, according to the Social Security Board of Trustees. That means basically anyone currently under the age of 50 really has no chance of seeing hardly anything from social security. To ensure that the next generation can retire with dignity, I propose that everyone under 60 be given the option to opt-out of social security with mandatory opt-out for those 30-35 and under. When you opt out you will receive a private investment account that you control funded by your 6.2% contribution as well as your employers’ matching contribution. You will be able to invest this fund in anything from the default of government bonds, stocks, mutual funds and more. You will also be able to borrow against your fund tax and interest free for 2 reasons. The first is a down payment on the home because everyone deserves the American dream. The second is to start a small business because it is the small businesses that drive the economy and employee the majority of the workforce in this country.

Franklin D. Roosevelt had this to say about Social security, “No greater tragedy exists in modern civilization than the aged, worn-out worker who after a life of ceaseless effort and useful productivity must look forward for his declining years to a poorhouse. A modern social consciousness demands a more humane and efficient arrangement.”


Education in America is outdated by over 100 years and current schools are incapable of teaching children things they need to know in the modern world such as financial education, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and more.

We must teach the next generation how to think instead of brainwashing them with what to think. In order to achieve this massive goal, I’ve written my Amazon bestseller Alchemy the Masters’ Path which you can get for free at This book gives you the tools to reclaim control of your mind and emotions as well as overcome fears and traumas to help you become a good citizen. It also strengthens your connection to your soul so that you may hear the voice of God within you.

We will also dismantle the U.S. Department of Education returning the power of education back to the states and guarantee parents rights to choose how their children are taught whether that be public, private, charter or homeschooling. 

Property tax which is theft from over 82 million households with an average property tax burden of $3,498 in 2018 according to cbs . The tax is normally used to pay for schools and keep the divide in education between the rich and poor. I will introduce  legislature to eliminate property tax nation-wide saving the average homeowner almost $300 a month. 

Then states will need to look at alternative funding for education. Most likely something similar to the voucher system, where each parent gets to choose where their child goes to school. One potential source for the states is the taxes generated from the hemp industry.


The goal is to create a balanced budget with a 1% surplus within the first 100 days and prevent Congress from running a deficit in the future.

Guns and the Second Amendment

The right to bear arms shall not be infringed! Honestly everyone in America would benefit from learning how to use a firearm.


As a country we must be energy independent and able to fully supply our energy from renewable resources such as wind, solar and higher technology.

To achieve this, we will reduce the red tape that is preventing the advancements of technology such as wind, solar, and other more advanced technologies.


We will create a universal basic income through private sector collaboration so that “We All Win!”

Ending the prohibition on Marijuana and other plants

Government has no right to attempt to make nature herself illegal. I will end the prohibition on marijuana and all plants in this country. In addition to this I will do a presidential pardon of every nonviolent offender across the country who has been imprisoned for only Marijuana.   This will clear the records of millions of people and enable them to be productive members of society once again. 


We will eliminate the waste and fat of the military and bring our soldiers home. We will have a stronger military with more soldiers to defend our country while cutting the budget in half, saving billions every year.


We do need to transform immigration to make sure Americans are protected, while helping as many as possible to integrate into American society.

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